In the fish processing business since 1998

It all started with the development of the EASY-MATIC pinbone-remover in 1998 and since then the development has been rapid in terms of the quantity of machines and other equipment produced for the fish processing industry.

Almost 500 EASY-MATIC pinbone removers are in operation worldwide including in countries such as Tasmania, Chile, Alaska, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and South Africa. Wherever salmon and trout are being produced, you will find a Pinbone-remover from Kaj Olesen A/S which has been made possible by top quality and first-class service.

Today, Kaj Olesen A/S is exporting more than 85% of its turnover - both directly from the factory in Denmark and through our agents.

In the year 2000 we started producing other varieties of equipment for the fish processing industry, including complete process lines. Based on standard equipment, we at Kaj Olesen A/S has specialized ourselves in design and production of custom-made equipment such as Fish Turners, Fish Distributors, salmon and tuna slicers, adjustable workstations, packing tables and trimming lines among many others.

Kaj Olesen A/S has its own developmental department which is responsible for the improvement of current equipment and the development of new machines.  Approximately 20 responsible and dedicated people are working in the company's own workshop, which secure quality and supply guarantee.

Kaj Olesen A/S´ policy is to produce top quality equipment and to maintain the highest possible level of service. This includes our own service technicians travelling worldwide, who guarantees the functionality of the equipment at all times. High levels of functionality can improve the quality and yield of the product, and at the same time reduce the manual handling of the products. Based on innovation and the latest techniques, we can offer individual solutions to our customers.


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