Ferme Piscicole Des Bobines Inc. (CA)

December 30, 2018


Increased demand at Bobines Fish Farm in Canada, led to insufficient production equipment

Bobines Fish Farm (Ferme Piscicole Des Bobines Inc.) manages the largest rainbow trout breeding plant in Quebec. Since 1980, they have emphasized high quality production and processing of rainbow trout in an environment that encourages sustainability and responsible aquaculture. Due to a declining development in commercial fishery and a growing increase in demand for marine products, aquaculture has appeared to be one of the world’s fastest growing agriculture food sectors.

Prior to the year 2007, Bobines hand held machines for their processing of rainbow trout, but the global increase in demand in this market led them to replace their hand held machines at their RAS fish farm in Canada with a Kaj Olesen A/S Easy-Matic 1-lane pinboner. Furthermore, they have upgraded their production with the purchase of an Easy-Matic twin-roller pinbone machine TWP52 that utilizes two pinboning heads to pull out nearly all bones from the fillets.

Bobines production capacity has increased with the integration of Kaj Olesen A/S pinboners as a solution to the consecutive increase in demand for their products. In addition, they save labor costs and minimize hours of operational training as the machines enable simple and fast operational learning. Clément Roy, co-owner at Ferme Piscicole Des Bobines has stated that Kaj Olesen A/S’ products have excellent quality, are easy to operate and clean, requires very low maintenance and have shown excellent results in removing pinbones from their products.  

  • Easy-Matic pinboner in operation at Canadian plant
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