Seafood Products Ltd.

October 11, 2018


Line integration with potential for competitive advantages and cost efficiencies 

There is no doubt, that being competitive and cost efficient are prerequisites for a successful company in a global marketplace.

Seafood Products Ltd. is a producer of salmon with a very diverse range of products for both domestic and export markets around the world. They stress the importance of the nature and the environment, which is why they only produce salmon that is sourced from sustainable and certified facilities and sources.

Kaj Olesen A/S has supplied Seafood Products Ltd. with complete processing lines for a BRC Grade AA Salmon processing facility located in Grimsby, UK. The machinery supplied includes heading, filleting and trimming lines, as well as an Easy-Matic twin lane pinbone remover. Additionally, they are using full line dual conveyors from start to end, resulting in a decrease of the required product handling.

This particular line integration has significantly improved Seafood Products Ltd.’s capacity and productivity, and has resulted in a cost efficient organization with a competitive edge.

“We have also used Kaj Olesen for servicing, support and upgrading of machinery. They can also be relied upon for original spares which are guaranteed to fit the equipment, avoiding any downtime on the line. We are happy to say that spares always arrive on time and the level of customer service is faultless” says John Skaar, UK Sales Manager at Seafood Products Ltd.

Kaj Olesen A/S is pleased to know that the satisfactory cooperation with Seafood Products is mutual. We are looking forward to many future years of doing great business.  

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