Vikenco A/S

October 9, 2018


Optimization of production in the seafood industry

Vikenco was founded in 1973 and was a pioneer in salmon-farming. They have been a recognized supplier of seafood in Norwegian, European, American and Far Eastern markets ever since they started their venture in 1973. Since then, they have continued to expand and develop. An example of their innovative development is their SuperGreenTM concept, which encompasses a method based on dry ice to cool the fish to just before freezing. Vikenco is one of the leaders within this technology, and uses this position to create additional value for their customers.

Vikenco has since 2009 worked with the Easy Matic 6-lane pinbone remover produced by Kaj Olesen A/S. The Easy Matic pinbone remover is designed to remove as many pinbones as possible without damaging the fillet, which results in a substantial decrease in waste. This machine has a capacity of 1500-3000 kg fillets per operating hour and can thus increase optimization in most large processing plants.

Vikenco uses the Easy Matic pinbone remover in their everyday salmon production: “It saves us a lot of labor and helps us to increase our capacity”, says Vice President of Vikenco, Jonny Småge.

Kaj Olesen A/S is pleased to have added value to a production of the size of Vikenco, more specifically by providing a product that have decreased their labour costs and increased production capacity.

We are looking forward to continuously contribute to Vikencos optimization of their daily production. 

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