Combined Easy Matic Dark Meat Remover and pinbone remover.


Easy Matic 1-lane Dark Meat remover uses circular knives to cut away the dark meat from the salmon fillet. The knives and the cutting depth are adjustable. The machine is equipped with a touch screen from which it can be operated. From the screen you can set up the depth of the knives when going through the filet. The size of the filet is automatically measured on the way into the machine.

Capacity: up to 20 fillets per minute.

How does the machine work:

  • The knives are adjusted in the right angle manually. See how the knives work
  • The size of fillets are shown on the screen.
  • Put the fillet on the belt with the dark meat triangle in the laser light.
  • Now the fillet runs through the machine and the dark meat is cut from the fillet.

In a very simple way this Dark Meat Remover can be transferred into a Pinbone Remover so you get one machine that can do two jobs, namely remove the dark meat and pull the bones out. The machine is also very easy to clean and maintain.

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