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Fish Processing Equipment

Kaj Olesen A/S has been in the fish processing business since 1998.

It all started with the development of the EASY-MATIC pinbone remover in 1998 and since then the development has gone very fast regarding quantity of machines and other equipment for the fish processing industry.

Almost 500 EASY-MATIC pinbone removers are in operation worldwide including of Tasmania, Chile, Alaska, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and South Africa, so everywhere where salmon and trouts are being produced you will find a pinbone remover from Kaj Olesen A/S. This has only been possible due to high quality and first class service. Today the company is exporting more than 85% of it turnover partly through agents and partly directly from the factory in Denmark.

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Salmon pinbones removed with equipment from Kaj Olesen A/S

Preparations for demos

We are now back from the exhibition in Brussels - The interest for our new machine the CEM80 Dark Meat Remover was really great and we are now going to make preparations for demos of this new machine.

Please find more information about this machine here or contact us for further information.


NEW INVENTION: Combined Easy Matic Dark Meat Remover and Pinbone Remover.

In a very simple way this Dark Meat Remover (CEM80) can be transferred into a Pinbone Remover so you get one machine that can do two jobs namely remove the dark meat and pull the bones out.

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