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Fish Processing Equipment

Kaj Olesen A/S has been in the fish processing business since 1998.

It all started with the development of the EASY-MATIC pinbone remover in 1998 and since then the development in quantity of machines and other equipment for the fish processing industry produced, has increased rapidly.

Almost 500 EASY-MATIC pinbone removers are in operation worldwide including countries such as Tasmania, Chile, Alaska, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and South Africa - everywhere salmon and trout are being produced, you will find a pinbone remover from Kaj Olesen A/S. This has only been possible due to high quality and first class service. Today the company is exporting more than 85% of it turnover, partly through agents and partly directly from the factory in Denmark.

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Salmon pinbones removed with equipment from Kaj Olesen A/S


This 30 m (98 ft.) long costumer-made conveyor belt has been shipped to a customer in Poland.

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